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The best Pata Negra Ham in the world

Maintaining the family tradition, we are the second generation of jamoneros. Among these years, we have been keeping the essential to provide you with the best Pata Negra Ham. We are experts in Ibérico Ham and Serrano Ham, becoming a reference in Spain and Europe, always recognized by the high quality of our Spanish products.

We have kept the confidence of our local customers, and our intention is to bring you the opportunity to enjoy the same experience at your place.

We are not just another Spanish Ham Store. In Jamonarium, we have a professional team, with more than 40 years of experience that is looking forward to help you choosing the best Jamón ibérico or Serrano and will always be supporting about any question about this gastronomic treasure.

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100% Ibérico Pata Negra Ham

In Jamonarium, you will find a variety of Bellota 100% Ibérico Pata Negra Ham,  Bellota 50% Ibérico Ham and Serrano Ham in different layouts (the whole piece, or boneless and vacuum preserved). High quality at right price.

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Bellota 100% Ibérico

Pata Negra Spanish Ham

Bellota Ham 100% Ibérico comes from pure Iberico pigs. Raised in the freedom of the Dehesa, and fed with pastures and bellota.

Bellota 50%  Ibérico Spanish Ham

Bellota Ham 50% Ibérico comes from mixed Ibérico pigs. Raised in the freedom of the Dehesa, and fed with pastures and bellota.

Serrano Ham

Serrano Ham come from white pigs, fed with authorized and natural feed. This kind of Jamón is the best to prepare tapas, and sandwiches.

Jabugo Ham

Jabugo is located in the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.  It’s recognized as one the typical location producer of Spanish Ham.  

Guijuelo Ham

Guijuelo is located in Salamanca. Guijuelo was the first producer to be created a quality system in order to provide protection and control in the procedure of the Spanish Ham.

Extremadura Ham

Another region well known as a typical producer location is Extremadura. Production and maturation of these hams are made in the mountains of southwest Badajoz, Ibor-Villuercas, Cáceres-Gredos Sur, Sierra de Montánchez and Sierra de San Pedro.

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